SCL: Matchday Covid-19 Protocols – 2021-04-29

League Rep


The season is about to start and there are a number of important issues relating to Covid-19 I need to advise you of. I apologise for the length of the email, but it is crucial you read every word.


Players / Club Officials/ Club Members

Please circulate this email to your players, club officials and members, and confirm this has been done by emailing me in the next two days.


Handout / Website

I attach an updated handout in lieu of a handbook. The surreycricketleague website has been down recently. It is back on-line and we are in the process of updating details which need it. The handout will have all the basic information you need.



It is important that the scorecard on your club play-cricket website is completed correctly and on time. Full instructions can be found in the handout following the fixtures. In brief:

  • The home must complete the match summary by midnight of the match.
  • The home team must complete the scorecard by midday on the Monday following the match.
  • The away team must check and complete/amend the scorecard as necessary by midday on the Tuesday following the match: this must be done even if the home team has not entered any details on the scorecard.

Please ensure your players are entered on your squad database on the club play-cricket website before their name is entered on a scorecard so that the name can be clicked into the scorecard. Any name typed into the scorecard will not be linked to the automatic statistics and the name will have to be entered again after being registered on the squad database.

Penalty points for failing to complete a scorecard correctly or on time can be found in Rule 11(4). Any instruction to complete a scorecard must be complied with before the following Saturday and Raju Sivakumaran notified at



Premier clubs are reminded that the umpires must be paid in cash before the start of the match, preferably in an envelope. The fee is £45 per umpire. If the umpire stands alone his fee is £70 (£35 each team). This may be done at the same time the team card is handed to the umpire.


ECB Protocols

All clubs should have received a substantial amount of guidance from the ECB regarding protocols before, during and after a match. For clubs which played friendlies last season, the protocols are the same. This guidance MUST be read and followed by all those attending matches. The following bullet points are not exclusive but are most relevant:

  • Players feeling unwell before a match must not attend the ground
  • There must not be car-sharing to and from the ground
  • Social distancing and the rule of six must be adhered to at all times before, during and after a match, this includes fielding positions – the only exceptions are the wicketkeeper and slips who must adhere to 1m+ – and also includes batsmen and umpires
  • Players must arrive and leave in their kit
  • Changing rooms must ONLY be used for access to the toilets
  • Sweat or saliva must NOT be applied to the ball
  • The ball must be returned directly to a bowler (not passed between fielders)
  • At the fall of a wicket the ball is to be kept at the foot of the stumps at the bowler’s end
  • The ball must be cleaned after every six overs and during breaks in play
  • Batsmen must run on opposite sides of the pitch
  • Spectators are currently not permitted to matches and must not be encouraged to attend
  • A club must have disinfectant wipes for cleaning equipment, including stumps and bails
  • There will be no teas – players should bring their own food and drink and must not share
  • All players to bring their own hand sanitiser
  • Players should have their own equipment, cleaning after use, and not share
  • Where there is a shared kit, the used equipment must be sanitised after use
  • Only the umpire will remake a wicket which has been broken
  • Umpires will not hold any items of the fielders

Track and Trace

Each club must keep a record of their players, officials, etc who attend a match and their contact details for Track and Trace.

The away team must give a list of the names of their players, officials, etc, to the home team BEFORE they leave the ground. This may be done by email on a mobile phone, or the match card (or a photograph of the match card should there be an umpire who will retain all match cards).

The home team MUST keep a record of these names until the end of the season.

Should a club learn that one of its players, officials, members, etc, may have contracted Covid-19, it must report the details to me immediately.


Breaches in Protocols

It hardly needs me to stress the importance of following the protocols and the serious repercussions if they are not followed. Should any team observe that an opponent is failing to adhere to the protocols, they must report their observations to me. Panel umpires will also report such failings.



The protocols will be arduous to comply with, but we have no choice. Subject to the nation’s progress in controlling Covid-19, the government and cricket authorities may review and lessen the protocols during the season. We will all be notified if this is the case.