Surrey Cricket League (EST 1975)

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Meetings and Payments


  1. Attend the Annual General Meeting in January (usually the last Tuesday)
  2. Attend the Spring Meeting in April.
  3. Attend an Extraordinary General Meeting if one is called.
  4. The club must be represented at the meetings by the League Rep or a competent member of the club.
  5. Failure to attend incurs a fine of £50.


  1. Annual subscription of £150* per club due 1 March.
  2. Fee for additional teams of £50* per team due 1 March.
  3. Two places at the Annual Awards Dinner of £25 per place due 1 March.
  4. Core affiliation to the Surrey Cricket Foundation of £25 per Surrey club due 1 March.
  5. Cricket balls for the season due 1 March.
  6. Additional places for the Annual Awards Dinner (by date notified).
  7. Fines (within 14 days of notification).

* Clubs charged £75 and £25 respectively until further notice